Alba Responsible Trust


The profit share is used to reach out to the society not as charity but because we fully believe that it is our responsibility to hold hands with the ones who deserve that compassionate, empathetic and generous support.

We realise that, the more our business grows the more we have to render service to humanity and the environment. We fully understand that the purpose of the organisation is met only when we give back to the society, for its growth, what we have received from the society to take to it to greater and greater heights.

The CSR activities are undertaken, giving priority, to meet the basic needs of fellow human beings - Food shelter Clothing

  • Food supplied every month now to 100+ deserving families.
  • Installation of facilities for clean drinking water for people in hospitals and other public places.
  • A roof above - Houses for the deserving in various places in the state.
  • Welfare of the employees who are in need. Financial, emotional and other timely support which the situation demands.
  • Monetary and other support for children of the society to pursue their education.
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