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Over the past 28 years, Alba Fashions has thrived and risen to make a significant impact in the textile industry by holding strongly to business ethics and values, unrelenting faith, and commitment, which ensures our commitment to success. ALBA has always been known for its impeccable product quality which has eminently driven the brand to achieve its present stature.

Alba Fashions carved its own legacy from humble beginnings in 1994 to becoming one of the nation's largest clothing brands. By providing continuous quality to its customers, the company has become a synonym of comfort through its signature cotton fabrics and innerwear. In addition to strong moral values and consideration of social well-being, the brand takes great care to ensure every user experiences true happiness while wearing its products. As an industry benchmark, Alba is driven by the motto,

which drives its product range and culture.

The new ramp of comfortability is the new assurance of Alba, as we are implementing the new proposition of inner happiness on an even bigger scale while preserving the brand's value and character while evolving it to suit the context and times we live in.

Four qualities that come together to spell a simple word - Happiness Happiness of the body, happiness of the soul, happiness from within, happiness from what is worn inside.

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